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Plymouth, surrounding areas and South East Cornwall.

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We provide a lock repair and new lock installation service in Plymouth, surrounding areas and South East Cornwall. We specialise in sash locks, uPVC locks, uPVC locking mechanisms and snap-safe locks.

Devon & Cornwall Locksmiths
24 Hour Emergency locksmith service

Throughout Plymouth, surrounding areas and South East Cornwall.

Lock Repairs Plymouth

Locks, like everything else are susceptible to wear and tear, this can often result in them becoming, stiff, turning without locking or unlocking the door or failing completely. A faulty lock does not always mean that you have to replace the lock entirely, it could just be a simple repair or service that is required to solve the issues your having, which will in turn save you money! The average lock will last between 10 – 12 years, however, this much depends on how frequently it is used and the quality of the lock that you have installed. Here at Devon & Cornwall Locksmiths where possible we will always choose to repair a lock instead of replacing it helping customers to keep their costs down. However, in cases that a lock cannot be repaired, and a new lock is needed we will be able to change the lock in the same visit.

Lock Upgrades Plymouth

Lock upgrades are always in high demand. This is mainly due to insurers becoming much stricter with their guidelines, every insure requires your external door locks to either meet or exceed their minimum standards of BS3621 and for uPVC doors this is TS007. In order for an insurance provider to provide you with a policy for your property they will first expect your locks to either meet or exceed the minimum requirements. This is prompting a lot of customers to give us a call to come and upgrade their locks. If you have an existing policy in place and your locks don’t meet the requirements set by insures then you could find that when you come to make a claim your policy is void and claims will not be paid out! You can check if your locks are up to standard by looking for the BS3621 kite mark, this can usually be found on the faceplate or barrel of the lock. If you are still unsure then our team at Devon & Cornwall Locksmiths will be happy to carry out a security survey and advise you on what locks are best for your property in order to satisfy insures guidelines. By upgrading the locks at your property, you are not only appeasing the insures you will also be improving on the overall security of your property. By having higher quality more secure locks fitted to your home or business you are likely to be less of an easy target for burglars meaning they may either not bother with your property or if they do decide to give it a go it will be much more difficult which could be the difference between a break in and an attempted break-in!

Lock Changes In Plymouth

There are so many reasons why you may need to change the locks at your home or business in Plymouth, surrounding areas and South East Cornwall, you have recently moved home, damaged locks or you just want higher security locks installing. Whatever the reason for a new lock you can be sure that our team at Devon & Cornwall Locksmiths will have just what you are looking for. We stock a range of high-quality branded locks for all door types. All the locks that we install are top quality branded locks that either meet or exceed the minimum-security requirements of BS3621 or TS007.

If you require new locks or lock repairs at your home or business in Plymouth, surrounding areas and South East Cornwall. then contact Devon & Cornwall Locksmiths today for a free no obligation quotation 07712 003 343 or 0800 007 5439